Offshore Oil Field History- Gulf of Mexico


BOEM Offshore History Project:

As a member of a third generation offshore oil & gas family, I am proud of the innovators and visionaries that had the courage, the tenacity, the love of the sea, and the sense of adventure who returned from various theaters of WW II and helped take the oil patch from inland bays and waters out into the ocean—the last earth bound frontier in 1947.  In 2004 Dr. Diane Austin, University of Arizona, BARA, came to Louisiana to interview me about my career in the Gulf of Mexico between 1973 until May 2, 1981.  Less than a month later my small production company was contracted through MMS to create a travelling museum exhibit Pioneers in the Louisiana Offshore Oil and Gas Exhibit.

The posters on this page were written and composed using photos and quotes from the MMS Offshore Gulf of Mexico Oral History Project.  The exhibit opened at Southdown Museum in January 2005 and moved to Lafourche Parish in April.  In July about 250 industry people and interviews showed up for opening reception in Morgan City.  The exhibit would have moved to Buras and New Iberia and other parishes before finding a permanent  home on the D-Day Museum.  Hurricanes Katrina and Rita halted further movement of the exhibit.  But it remained open until September 2016. This exhibit focused on shallow water operations in 500 feet and less.


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